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Marco Bertoni


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Marco Bertoni - Bio

I am Professor in Mechanical Engineering and Deputy Head of the Department for the Mechanical Engineering subject. I am a member of the Design Society, and I co-chair the Special Interest Group in ’Design of Product-Service Systems’.

I graduated in Management Engineering at the University of Bergamo (UniBG) in Italy in 2004, and I earned a Doctoral Degree in Mechanical Engineering at Politecnico of Milano (PoliMI) in 2008. The same year I joined Luleå University of Technology as a postdoctoral fellow, becoming Associate Professor (Docent) in Product Innovation in 2012. Since April 2013, I have worked at the Blekinge Institute of Technology.

My research focuses on model-driven decision-making for product/service design. I have experience with:

  • Methods and tools for engineering product design, design thinking and need-finding techniques.
  • Computer-Aided Design, Computer-Aided Engineering and Computer-Aided Innovation tools.
  • Enterprise Collaboration, Knowledge Management and Knowledge Engineering approach.
  • Process modelling and simulations using a Discrete Event approach.
  • Digital Twin technologies and Extended Realities for system design.
  • Systems Engineering and requirements elicitation practices.
  • Multi-Attribute Decision Making models for design concept selection.
  • Monetary assessment models for investment analysis (cost/value models).
  • Business Process Reengineering and associated models for process representation.

I am a member of the Scientific Committee for:

  • International Conference on Engineering Design (ICED)
  • International CAD Conference (CAD)
  • International Conference on Research into Design (ICORD)
  • International DESIGN conference
  • ASME International Design Engineering Technical Conferences & Computers and Information in Engineering Conference (IDETC/CIE)
  • International Conference Advances in Production Management Systems (APMS)

My experience as a course coordinator includes the following:

Graduate level

Undergraduate level

  • BTH: Value Innovation (2013 – current)
  • BTH: Knowledge Enabled Engineering (2016 – current)
  • BTH: Innovative and Sustainable Product Development – Innovativ och hållbar produktutveckling (2022 – current)
  • BTH: Product Service Systems Extreme Innovation (2013)
  • BTH: Design Research Methodology (2013)
  • LTU: Product Development processes (2009-2010)
  • LTU: Theory and methodology for engineering product development (2009-2010)
  • POLIMI: Process modelling in product development (2008)

I am currently Deputy Head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Departmental Coordinator for the ERASMUS + agreement with the University of Bergamo (UniBG).

Awards and recognitions

  • ’Service Lion’ award at the CIRP IPSS conference 2011.
  • Nominated by Luleå University of Technology for the Tage-Erlander Prize 2011.
  • Finalist at ForskarGrandPrix 2013 in Stockholm.
  • Best Reviewer’ at the CIRP IPSS Conference 2016.
  • ’10% Reviewer Favourite’ at the International Conference on Engineering Design 2017.
  • ’5% Reviewer Favourite’ at the International DESIGN Conference 2021.

Utvalda publikationer
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Nyligen publicerat
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