SWEGPEC Workshop 2018

Annual SWEGPEC Workshop 2018, November 15-16, Karlskrona, BTH

The Department of Industrial Economics and Management at Blekinge Institute of Technology (BTH) welcomes you to the Annual Workshop of the Swedish Graduate Program in Economics (SWEGPEC) for PhD students 2018. The meeting is to be held at BTH campus in Karlskrona, November 15-16, 2018.

The workshop is organized for PhD students in Economics and Industrial Economics in the SWEGPEC network. Papers in all fields of economics and industrial economics are welcome.

Keynote speaker
We are happy to announce this year’s keynote speaker:
Professor Pontus Braunerhjelm

Pontus primary area of research is the economics of entrepreneurship, international economics and industrial dynamics. He is one of the originators of the Knowledge Spillover Theory of Entrepreneurship – a theory which shows how entrepreneurship is endogenously developed and stimulate growth renewal in an economy. Pontus Braunerhjelm is Professor of Economics at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm as well as Profess of Industrial Economics at BTH.

Call for papers

3 oktober 2018

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