Photo from the open lecture with Oleg Rudenko

October 29, 2019
Academician Oleg Rudenko, Moscow State University, until recently employed at BTH,   summarized  the work he did during this period with an open lecture.

”Oleg Rudenko: his life and work at BTH and in Moscow”

Professor Oleg Rudenko worked at BTH for 20 years, working at the same time at Moscow University and the Russian Academy of Sciences. In connection with the end of his activities in Sweden, Oleg reviewed his theoretical and applied works, conditionally divided into 3 areas.

  1. Geophysics, underwater and air acoustics
  2. Nonlinear diagnostics and Medical instruments
  3.  Mathematical Physics: Exactly solvable equations, Exact solutions, Strongly nonlinear waves and Mathematical modeling

Altogether Oleg published 550 articles in leading journals, and 25 monographs and textbooks.

About 100 works were published indicating BTH as a place of work and in co-authorship with Swedish scientists, among them – professors Bengt Enflo, Claes Hedberg, Goran Broman, Sharon Kao-Walter, and Nail Ibragimov. The presentation is organized very simply and with a lot of illustrations. Many facts and achievements have not yet been reported. Oleg will try to make the message as understandable, informative, useful and attractive as possible even for people not related to these studies. The facts of the personal biography will be given.

30 oktober 2019