Innovation @BTH

Innovation @BTH

Innovation at BTH is stimulated by courses as well as research projects and from any and all staff and students. The creative process is important and will inspire each person participating in it.

To support the ideas generated BTH are cooperating with organisations locally and nationally to provide support especially in the early phases.

To inspire, we are arranging a number of events yearly.

Innovation @BTH operates by providing support to staff and students as well as arranging events supporting innovation and entrepreneurship.

Sustain the good initiatives

In these difficult times there is a lot of helping hands, supportive people and great ideas being discussed during the battle of Corona. All these good initiatives and concepts should be realized and implemented.

Do you want to contribute? Join our activity and develop your ideas together in this digital event by us at BTH Innovation. Workshops in ideation and Business Model Canvas will be held over Zoom-meetings and other virtual tools.

Let’s make sure all the good initiatives coming from this fight against Corona makes it into the future! Join us during week 20 (May 11 – May 17).


Innovation Support

If you are connected to BTH, either as researcher, student or staff at any level with an idea that you would like to try out to see if it is the next great thing, you are able to get support in terms of coaching and more through Innovation @BTH.

Start by getting in contact!

Events by us

Here you will see the planned events run by us, often in cooperation with other organisations – all for the possibility to arrange interesting events for all of BTH!


Get in contact

Please feel free to get in contact with Kennet Henningsson through e-mail or why not drop by his office J2339 in Karlskrona!