Fysisk planering forskning

Spatial planning

The Department for Spatial Planning conducts research in two main fields: planning for sustainable urban development and management of environment- and land-use. The planning for sustainable urban development concerns planning, design and management of urban space and a focus on the interaction between man, society and planning.

Within the other research field; Control of environment- and land use, tools are developed for environmental assessment in strategic decision making. The understanding and development of these tools are based on empirical research. The research focus of the Department of spatial planning is directed towards both the normative and cognitive knowledge.

Examples of partners:
Malmo University (Urban Studies), Alnarp (landscaping), Chalmers (urban), the KTH School of Architecture (Architectural history and urban construction).

Research councils:
Formas, the Swedish Research Council, the Swedish Central Bank Jubilee Fund, the Swedish National Heritage Board and the National Board of Housing.

Abdellah Abarkan

Abdellah Abarkan - researcher in
spatial planning


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