Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: General

Managing Data Location in Cloud Computing (Evaluating Data localization frameworks in Amazon Web Services)Vijay Kokkonda,
Krishna Sandeep Taduri
Transcoding H.265/HEVCSina Tamanna
3d-animation i mörkrets teckenRörstad Marcus
3D-visualisering till EveMarc Nicander,
Katarina Tilholm,
Thomas Svärd
3D Animation Karlshamns ABJoakim Ottosson,
Stefan Eriksson
3D Ear Recognition Based on Force Field TransformMaboud Farzaneh Kaloorazi
A Comparative Evaluation of Usability for the iPhone and iPadMuhammad Azam,
Luqman Ahmad
A Comparative Study of Component Based Regression Testing Approaches without Source CodeNabin Raj Dulal,
Sabindra Maharjan
A Comparison of Three Computer System SimulatorsUlf Urdén
A comparison of UML and WAE-UML for the design of Web applicationsMikael Gustavsson,
Heinz Andersson
A Controlled Experiment on Analytical Hierarchy Process and Cumulative Voting-Investigating Time, Scalability, Accuracy, Ease of Use and Ease of LearningDeepak Sahni
A first approach in applying Artificial Potential Fields in Car GamesTim Uusitalo
A Framework for an Intelligent and Adaptive Planning of Rehabilitation TherapiesVíctor Castaño
A glimpse at the Ericsson Mobile Positioning SystemLovisa Fästhe,
Marie Hallberg
A Glimpse of the Future: Digital Applications for the Audience of TomorrowChristian Holmberg,
Gustav Rylander
A GUI Designer's Usability ToolboxHanna Sjöberg
A GUI Standard's Impact on UsabilityHanna Sjöberg,
Demet Ukus
A guideline for evaluating OODBMSsAnders Carlsson
A Hybrid Cloud Approach for Sharing Health Information in Chronic Disease Self-ManagementCong Peng
A Multi-agent player for Settlers of CatanRashdan Raees Natiq. Haseeb Saleem
A Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal ManagementSyed Sikandar Bakht,
Qazi Sohail Ahmad
A Quantitative Study of Quality of Experience (QoE) for Decreasing and Increasing Network Performance.Ramesh Dhungana ,
Deepak Shahi
A ride in stereovisionMattias Persson,
Johan Laszlo
A SmartWardrobe - Augmenting laundry planningWenceslaus Mumala,
Vincent Oke
A Software Process Improvement Framework for Small Organizations - A Research ApproachDaniel Vasiljevic,
Stefan Skoog
A study of the advantages & disadvantages of mobile cloud computing versus native environmentEmil Almrot,
Sebastian Andersson
A Study Of Travel Agent System in Mobile Devices Using Travel Agent System and Semantic Web TechnologiesPradeep Japala
A study on groupware choice in companiesAnna-Karin Holmberg,
Caroline Petersson
A Systematic Review of Automated Test Data Generation TechniquesShahid Mahmood