Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Informatics

A Comprehensive Evaluation of Conversion Approaches for Different Function PointsJavad Mohammadian Amiri,
Venkata Vinod Kumar Padmanabhuni
A Mixture-of-Experts Approach for Gene Regulatory Network InferenceBorong Shao
Adaptation of Agile Practices: A Systematic Review and SurveyBudsadee Kongyai,
Edi Edi
Agil projektmetodik - En studie av den agila metodiken och Scrums inverkan på IT-projektOscar Landström,
Oskar Odervall
Algorithmic Analysis of Name-Bounded Programs: From Java programs to Petri Nets via π-calculusMatteo Settenvini
An Empirical Evaluation & Comparison of Effectiveness & Efficiency of Fault Detection Testing TechniquesShailendra Natraj
An Empirical Study of Machine Learning Techniques for Classifying Emotional States from EEG DataAhmad Tauseef Sohaib,
Shahnawaz Qureshi
An ISD study of Extreme Information Management challenges in IoT Systems - Case: The “OpenSenses”eHealth/Smarthome project Johan M Karlstedt
Analytics-based Software Product PlanningFarnaz Fotrousi,
Katayoun Izadyan
Assessment of Business Process Reengineering Implementation and Result within Ethiopian Ministry of Health and Gambella Regional Health Bureau ContextsSamuel Hagos
BeAKKta - ett kommunikationshjälpmedel som möter behoven av djupare kommunikation hos personer med autism Monika Adamson Lindqvist
Biometrics Technology - Attitudes & influencing factors when trying to adopt this technology in Blekinge healthcareIrfan Iqbal,
Bilal Qadir 
Challenges and Prospects of Establishing e- government in Liberia with focus on the Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Commerce and the Ministry of Planning and Economic Affairs of the Republic of Liberia.Lamine Kamara
Challenges and Recommendations in Software Product Transfers: Receiving Site’s PerspectiveWannee Norrakarnkorn
Den Moderna Webben: Kan HTML5 konkurrera med traditionell programvara?Josef Karlsson,
Jesper Erlandsson Lähdevirta
Design and Implementation of a Media Access Component at Picsearch Using a Rigorous Software Engineering ApproachDiego Núñez Silva
Design of Data Warehouse and Business Intelligence System: A case study of Retail IndustryTemitope Oketunji,
Olalekan Omodara
Design of smart grid interfaces, Focusing of smart TVsPraveen Jelish Panneerselvam
Designing distance learning for the 21st century: Constructivism, Moore’s transactional theory and Web 2.0Tran Huy Duc
Digital kompetens - Äldreomsorgspersonals upplevelser av en digitaliserad arbetsplatsLinda Roos
Dysfunctional aspects of Software Development - An analysis of how lip-service, deception and organisational politics may side-track the result of well-intended methodologiesMikael Gislen
E-mail Prioritization through Social Network AnalysisShaliz Rezaee
Empirically Designed Framework for Junior Software Product Managers Mahesh Mullapudi,
Hari Praveen Tadiparthi
En säkerhetsgranskning av Secure Application FrameworkSebastian Norling
Enhanced Four Paradigms of Information Systems Development in Network Societies Borislav Maric
Evaluation of Idempotency & Block Size of Data on the Performance of Normalized Compression Distance AlgorithmVenkata Srikanth Mandhapati,
Kamran Ali Bajwa
Examining Internet and E-commerce Adoption in the Music Records Business in GhanaSamuel Wiafe
Facebook Blocket with Unsupervised Learning Khizer Amin ,
Mehmood ul haq Minhas
Generic Cognitive Architecture for Real-Time, Embedded Cognitive SystemsJekaterina Novikova
Hashtags and Followers: An experimental study of the online social network TwitterEva Garcia Martin



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