Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Elektroteknik - Electrotechnology

Comparison Between WiMAX and 3GPP LTESyed Hamid Ali Shah,
Mudasar Iqbal,
Tassadaq Hussain
Construction and Performance Evaluation of QC-LDPC Codes over Finite FieldsSohail Noor,
Ihsan Ullah
Control System Design and Transmission Line Resonance Elimination of a 3-Phase Battery ChargerKrzysztof Barela,
Piotr Ciereszko
Design and Implementation of an Open Architecture Framework for Live Video and Image ProcessingJianan Wang,
Noor Uddin Ahmad Choudhury
Design and Implementation of Quasi Planar K-Band Array Antenna Based on Travelling Wave StructuresZunnurain Ahmad
Design of a Novel Flat Array Antenna for Radio CommunicationsTahir Mehmood,
Yu Yun
Designing a BPM board for use in a modular evaluation kitJonas Tallhage
Designing of Reconfigurable Multiband Antenna for WLAN ApplicationSarfraz Hussain ,
Jibran Khan
Detection of Emergency Signal in Hearing Aids using Neural NetworksVamshi Krishna Lakum,
Arshini Gubbala
Development and simulation of a Hamiltonian observer for an industrial applicationAzad Kabodi
Development of ADQ214 user interface in labVIEW.HASSAN GILANI,
Device and Service Discovery in Bluetooth NetworksAlbin Persson,
Jimi Karlsson
Digital Methods for Reduction of IQ Imbalance in OFDM SystemsDaxious Mengistu Wendemu
Dispersion Effects on OCDMA System PerformanceAbdul Gafur
Distance Laboratory Measurement of Signal Propagation in an Iron BarYunfei Wang,
Xi Zhang
Distansövervakning av givare i hemmetMagnus Karlsson
Echo Cancellation using PMSAF and Compare the performance with NLMS and improved PNLMS under different Impulse responsesMohsin Ali,
Muhammad Jamal Nasir
Electrical Characterization of Semiconductor Materials Using Deep Level Transient SpectroscopyArif Muhammad
Equalization of Audio Channels - A Practical Approach for Speech CommunicationNils Westerlund
Evalution of VOD by using MPLS network.Shafqat Rahim
Facebook Blocket with Unsupervised Learning Khizer Amin ,
Mehmood ul haq Minhas
Futuristic TeleconfernecingHaritha Mallavarapu
Fuzzy Based power control system Using ANFIS and MIMO-OFDM Techniques in Cognitive Radio NetworksMahesh Aleti,
Rahamatulla Syed,
Rajendra Prasad Chennupati
Förbättrad resistansmätning för grova aluminiumledarePatrik Petermann
Highly Integrated Wideband Doherty Power AmplifierRaza Hussain,
Sundas Sheikh
Identification and Analysis of Nonlinear SystemsHenrik Åkesson,
Benny Sällberg
Image Theory Applied to virtual MicrophonesCarlos Hernandez Matas and Diana Gomez Olmedilla
Impact of Node Mobility on the Voice Quality in Mobile Ad-hoc Network (MANET)Sharup Barua & Ratan Chandra Mondal
Impact of Packet Losses on the Quality of Video StreamingOYEKANLU Emmanuel Adebomi,
JOHN Samson Mwela

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