Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability: Business

Guidelines for Wellness towards Social Sustainability: Moving Sweden to Optimal HealthLúcia Timóteo,
Natalia Matuszak,
Vaiva Indilaitė
Health and Strategic Sustainability: Business to BusinessDavid Nelson,
Renée Lazarowich
Hedersrelaterat våld och förtryck - En kartläggning hos Värmlands läns berörda verksamheter och ideella organisationerMarika Andersson
How can a destination resort development company be strategic in sustainable development?Carmen Turner,
Archie Kasnet
How can a destination resort development company be strategic in sustainable development?Carmen Turner,
Archie Kasnet
How can the construction industry in Ghana become sustainable?Kwaku Ahmed,
Lamia Hatira,
Paul Valva
How do Global Retail Companies utilize Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR)?Greg Jogie,
Ayaz Shukat
How to Apply the Templates for Sustainable Product Development - Support for Sustainability PractitionersRachael Gould,
Sara Regio Candeias,
Anton Valkov
Integrating Strategic Sustainable Development into Assessing Following up Suppliers in Procurement PracticesRomina Busto Ibarra,
Lilli McCubbin,
Sebastian Tschuschke
Introducing Strategic Sustainable Development in a business incubatorHeidi Blankenship,
Viktor Kulhavý,
Jonas Lagneryd
Legitimacy perspective in sustainability reporting of the Swedish property and construction marketUlrica Altenborg,
Xiaoming Lu,
Anna Yelistratova
Meeting the Challenge of Social Sustainability: governance for profound changeOlers Marie Ericksson,
Geneva Rae,
Julia Smolyaninova
Mind the Gap! Strategically Driving GRI Reporting Towards SustainabilityEdwin Janssen,
Selene Kfoury,
Rutger Verkouw
Nature Inspired Guidelines to Effectively Communicate Sustainability MessagesAndrea J. Altmann,
Maya Givon,
Heather A. Shand
Non-Financial Disclosure and Strategic Planning: Sustainability Reporting for Good Corporate GovernanceRonan Chester,
Jennifer Woofter
Open Source as Leverage towards Sustainable HousingCharlotte Barrow,
Stephanie Peterka,
Tuna Ozcuhadar
Opportunities for Global Sustainability (Global ABCD)Josephine Brennan,
Susan Garrett,
Mike Purcell
Organizations as Functioning Social Systems - A Review of Social Sustainability in Management and Organizational ResearchLisa Apelman,
Raik Klawitter,
Simone Wenzel
Preserving Intangible Cultural Heritage to Facilitate a Transition towards Sustainability - A Case Study of Tibet's Tourism IndustryBingbing Pan,
Yanni Shizhou,
Carl Crone
Product Development starts from CrowdsourcingXuefeng Bai
PRODUCT SERVICE SYSTEMS AND MODULAR DEVELOPMENT - Implications and Opportunities in the Construction Equipment IndustryRickard Gustafsson,
Andreas Blomqvist
Rock On! : Bringing strategic sustainable development to music festivalsSarah Brooks,
Dan O'Halloran,
Alexandre Magnin
Scaling-up Impact: Knowledge-based Organizations Working Toward Sustainability David Adema,
Sara Blenkhorn,
Sarah Houseman
Slow Fashion: Tailoring a Strategic Approach towards SustainabilityCarlotta Cataldi,
Maureen Dickson,
Crystal Grover
Social Responsibility Guidelines & Sustainable Development: Integrating a Common Goal of a Sustainable SocietyAnastasia Dewangga,
Simon Goldsmith,
Neil Pegram
Social Sustainability: Exploring the Role of Social EnterprisesErica Bota,
Viola Tschendel,
Christian Zavala Hernández
Stock Investors’ Confidence on Low-Cost and Traditional Airlines in Asia During Financial Crisis 2007-2009: Evidence from Air Asia and Singapore AirlinesChin Fei Goh,
Karen Tay
Strategic Acquisition of Innovative Companies Moving Corporations towards SustainabilityBenoît Guyot,
Seyedeh Nafiseh Mousavi Rad,
Katarina Wikström
Strategic Community Economic Development and Small Business: Cooperation for SustainabilityKarl A. Fulson,
Amy Seabrooke
Strategic leadership in turbulent marketsNina Dziomkina,
Jimmy Jipp

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