Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Hållbar utveckling - Sustainability: General

Design parameters for powder removal from crushed glass in a gravity separatorGustav Müller Lundgren
Developing an Interconnected Worldview: A Guiding Process for LearningSimon Evitts,
Brendan Seale,
Dylan Skybrook
Development of a Systems Dynamics model to assess the value of alternative manufacturing technologies Cheng Tao,
Chengqi Li
Differences between service- and product selling companies in defining their global and local strategiesJeremy Iehl,
Kordian Goetz
Effective Communication for Strategic Sustainable Development Education: The Hook and Ladder TechniqueSaruhan Utku Araz,
Michael Matulac,
Aqib Muhammad
Ekologisk omställning av efterkrigstidens bebyggelse med utgångspunkter i hållbar stadsutvecklingGunnar Göransson
Engaging Action: A Systemic Approach to Communication Design of Social Marketing Campaigns for Behaviour AdoptionRebecca Dahl,
Larysa Metanchuk,
Steve Marshall
Engaging Individuals to act Strategically Towards SustainabilityKristoffer Lundholm,
Renaud Richard
Engaging Urban Communities of Newcomers to Sweden towards UNFCCC Climate Change Targets through Participation and DiversityGulderen Alimli,
Naveed Imran,
Mohammed Ireg,
Jennifer Nichols
Environmental Management Systems and Sustainability: Integrating Sustainability in Environmental Management SystemsPolin Saha,
Salman Ahmad,
Ashfaq Abbasi,
Masood Khan
Ethical Consumers:Strategically Moving the Restaurant Industry towards SustainabilityDuan JingJing,
Li Xinze,
Renate Sitch
Evaluating Of The National Strategy for Sustainable Development in The Gambia.Ahmed Timbo
Exploring Impacts of Project Overload on Creativity: An Agent-Based Modeling ApproachFarnaz Motamediyan
Folkhälsa i översiktligplanering- med fokus på fysisk aktivitetJohanna Schönberg
For the Creative Problem-Solver: An Integrated Process of Design Thinking and Strategic Sustainable DevelopmentKetchie Ada,
Nehe Meret,
Shapira Hila
Fostering a Culture of Sustainabilty in Municipalities through Effective TrainingJean-Paul Baron-Bonarjee,
Rifat Abed Elal,
Quynh Van Nguyen
From Clean Development to Strategic Sustainable Development: Strategic planning for the Clean Development MechanismGeorges Dyer,
Michelle McKay,
Mauricio Mira
Förändring för ett hållbart beteende - En fråga om attityder och vanorEmma Olsson
Globala klimatförändringar i fysisk planering - exempel Hattholmen i KarlskronaJohanna Rosvall
Guidelines for Wellness towards Social Sustainability: Moving Sweden to Optimal HealthLúcia Timóteo,
Natalia Matuszak,
Vaiva Indilaitė
Health and Strategic Sustainability: Business to BusinessDavid Nelson,
Renée Lazarowich
HOTANDE HAVSNIVÅER En fallstudie av LommaAnders Lind
How can a destination resort development company be strategic in sustainable development?Carmen Turner,
Archie Kasnet
How can a destination resort development company be strategic in sustainable development?Carmen Turner,
Archie Kasnet
How the Pacific Northwest Could Be Won – Overcoming Barriers to Growing Food in YardsTara McNerney,
Maarten Dankers,
Luke Callahan
How to Apply the Templates for Sustainable Product Development - Support for Sustainability PractitionersRachael Gould,
Sara Regio Candeias,
Anton Valkov
ICT and Education in Developing Countries: Shifting Initiatives toward a Sustainable SocietyLu Dai,
Tiffany Finley,
Susan McCormack
ICT Design Unsustainability & the Path toward Environmentally Sustainable Technologies Mohamed Bibri
Implementing an Environmental Planning SystemTontoh Anthony
Improving Decision Support Systems for Water Resource Management Chen Chen,
Maura Dilley,
Marco Valente

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