Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence

Electronic Contracting for Inter-Enterprise Collaboration Maria Perez
Emotion Recognition from EEG Signals using Machine LearningMohammadshakib Moshfeghi,
Jyoti Prasad Bartaula,
Aliye Tuke Bedasso
Empirical Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms based on EMG, ECG and GSR Data to Classify Emotional States Amare Ketsela Tesfaye and Amrit Pandey
Empirical evaluation of procedural level generators for 2D platform gamesRobert Hoeft,
Agnieszka Nieznanska
Evaluation of a Machine Learning Approach To Heat PredictionKenny Svensson
Evaluation of classifier performance and the impact of learning algorithm parametersNiklas Lavesson
Evaluation of Machine Learning Algorithms for Classification of Short-Chain Dehydrogenase/Reductase Protein SequencesSandra Olandersson
Evaluation of Methods for 3D Environment Reconstruction with Respect to Navigation and Manipulation Tasks for Mobile RobotsSyed Farzad Husain
Evaluation of Multi-Agent Platforms for Ubiquitous ComputingAnders Liljedahl
Evaluation of ROS and Arduino Controllers for the OBDH Subsystem of a CubeSatRama kanth Ande,
Sharath Chandra Amarawadi 
Evaluation of selected data mining algorithms implemented in Medical Decision Support SystemsKamila Aftarczuk
Expert systems and their potential role in a yield managed hotel reservation systemÅsa Granath
Exploring Need-based AI Behaviour and its Effect on the Game Experience of Neverwinter NightsGunnar Södergren
Exploring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques for Dynamic WebsitesWasfa Kanwal
Exploring the Implementation of Complex Appearances on Small RobotsJeffrey Knurek
Extending the electric field approachJan Kronquist
Eye on the Prize: Enhancing Realism during Interaction towards Non-Player-Characters with Natural Eye MovementsDaniel Palm
Face Detection by Image DiscriminatingMuhammad Tariq Mahmood
Functional Approach towards Approximation ProblemMuhammmad Imran Shafi,
Muhammad Akram
Förstudie och design av simuleringssystem för automatisk kreditgivningsprocessVictor Ramström
Game Mechanics Integrated with a Lindenmayer SystemPer Fornander
Generic Cognitive Architecture for Real-Time, Embedded Cognitive SystemsJekaterina Novikova
Genetically modelled Artificial Neural Networks for Optical Character Recognition - An evaluation of chromosome encodingsEmil Gedda & Kalle Lindqvist
Hashtags and Followers: An experimental study of the online social network TwitterEva Garcia Martin
HPA* Used With a Triangulation-Based GraphRobin Engman
Human-like Behaviour in Real-Time Strategy Games: An Experiment With Genetic AlgorithmsFredrik Olofsson,
Johan W. Andersson
Human-like Super Mario Play using Artificial Potential Fields Likith Poovanna Kelapanda Satish,
Vinay Sudha Ethiraj
Hör upp!!Mathias Dahlström
Implementation of Asymmetric Potential Fields in Real Time Strategy GameMuhammad Mansur-Ul-Islam,
Muhammad Sajjad

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