Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Artificial Intelligence

Exploring Need-based AI Behaviour and its Effect on the Game Experience of Neverwinter NightsGunnar Södergren
Exploring Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Techniques for Dynamic WebsitesWasfa Kanwal
Exploring the Implementation of Complex Appearances on Small RobotsJeffrey Knurek
Extending the electric field approachJan Kronquist
Eye on the Prize: Enhancing Realism during Interaction towards Non-Player-Characters with Natural Eye MovementsDaniel Palm
Face Detection by Image DiscriminatingMuhammad Tariq Mahmood
Functional Approach towards Approximation ProblemMuhammmad Imran Shafi,
Muhammad Akram
Game Mechanics Integrated with a Lindenmayer SystemPer Fornander
Generic Cognitive Architecture for Real-Time, Embedded Cognitive SystemsJekaterina Novikova
Genetically modelled Artificial Neural Networks for Optical Character Recognition - An evaluation of chromosome encodingsEmil Gedda & Kalle Lindqvist
Hashtags and Followers: An experimental study of the online social network TwitterEva Garcia Martin
Human-like Behaviour in Real-Time Strategy Games: An Experiment With Genetic AlgorithmsFredrik Olofsson,
Johan W. Andersson
Human-like Super Mario Play using Artificial Potential Fields Likith Poovanna Kelapanda Satish,
Vinay Sudha Ethiraj
Hör upp!!Mathias Dahlström
Implementation of Asymmetric Potential Fields in Real Time Strategy GameMuhammad Mansur-Ul-Islam,
Muhammad Sajjad
Implementing augmented reality for visualisation of virtual buildings using AndroidPiotr Władysław Dąbrowski
Infiltration of WaldheimAndreas Persson
Influence map based Ms. Pac-Man and Ghost ControllerJohan Svensson
Information Security Management of Healthcare SystemAshrafullah Khalid Mahmood
Input handling in agent-based micro-level simulatorsMuhammad Saleem Fayyaz
Integrating actions of perception to the electric field approachTed Samuelsson
Integration of Variants Handling in M-System-NTAhmed Zeeshan
Intelligent decision support system for transport infrastructure investment with emphasis on joint logisticJean-Yves Yamben
Jämförelse mellan neurala nätverk baserad AI och state-of-the-art AI i racing spelSimon Karlsson,
Christopher Jensen
Kommunikation i multiagentsystemOskar Madestam
Linear Quasi Anticipation - An Evaluation in Real Time DomainsChristian Seger,
Björn Törnqvist
Locating transmembrane domains in protein sequencesJohan Hagelbäck,
Kenny Svensson
Low Complex Blind Video Quality Predictor based on Support Vector MachinesAmitesh Kumar Singam and Venkat Raj Reddy Pashike
Machine learning in simulated RoboCupMarkus Bergkvist,
Tobias Olandersson

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