Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Effects on Society

IT-säkerhetspolicy – efterlevs den av anställda?Henrik Pedersen,
Daniel Carlson
Kitchen Know-How for AutomationJesper Brolin
Kopieringsskydd och lagar - rätt väg i kampen mot piratkopieringen?Annika Dahlberg,
Helena Sandell
Krav på kraven - Varför kravspecifikationer inte uppdateras och vad det kan ge för konsekvenserElisabeth Fransson
Magellan on FoursquareMarco De Martini
Siva Praneeth Babu Vemulapalli.
Mobile Communication Technologies and Their Effects on Elderly, A Case Study of Diabetes type 2 Elderly Syed Tosif Raza,
Sundas Naveed
NFC Enabled Smartphone Application For Instant Cognitive SupportMuhammad Asif Majoka ,
Naveed Tahir
Non-disruptive value-chains in home health careJohan Lindblom,
Jonas Rosquist
Paper Digital Classes (PDC)Ashraf Habash
Paper Digital Classes (PDC)Ashraf Habash
Performance Evaluation of Wireless Mesh Networks Routing ProtocolsEwa A. Osękowska
Personas and Ethnography within a commercial contextTommy Mossberg
Privacy Policy - Att skapa förtroende för en uppkopplad världAndreas Jacobsson,
Andreas Lundström
Real-Time Gait Analysis Algorithm for Patient Activity Detection to Understand and Respond to the MovementsInam-ul-Haq,
Adnan Jalil
Requesting Utility in Usability -Perspectives from a large team software engineering projectElin Heinstedt,
Niklas Johansson
Single view metrology applied for dynamic control of sink height for childrenHUI LIU
Smarta Hus: Nya behov och lösningar med participativ designArto Valtonen,
Björn Wessman
Små- och medelstora företags uppdateringsarbete av hemsidorDaniel Hörberg,
Sebastian Johannisson
Software Process Improvement for SMEs using OMMJessica Rodríguez
Structural Design of an RFID-Based System: a way of solving some election problems in AfricaIsong Bassey,
Adetayo Adedigba
Study of Development of Java Applications in Eclipse Environment and Development of Java Based Calendar Application with Email NotificationsMuhammad Abid Nazir
Sustaining ICT for Sustainability: Towards Mainstreaming De–carbonization–oriented Design & Enabling the Energy–Efficient, Low Carbon EconomyMohamed Bibri
Technological and Social Issues in the development and deployment of Facial Recognition Biometric SystemsShaukat Ali Khan
Teknikens Under - En problemrapport över arbetet på diariet, Regionens Hus i MariestadKarl Andersson,
Elisabeth Dackemyr
The Accessibility on Community Websites -for Moderate Mentallly Impaired PeopleAnna Hellström
The development of a Speech Level Adjustment Technique for late Deaf PeopleKarim Gabriel,
Sani Al Moudarres
The Emotional Driver - A Study of the Driving Experience and the Road ContextJulio Angulo
The Role of Interoperability in eHealthMuhammad Azam,
Izhar Hussain
Three Tales of Dominant Technological Artifacts: Tracing the Paths from Success to Domination of Software Applications with the Help of Latour's Actor-Network-Theory and Bourdieu's Capital TheoryPeter Harengel

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