Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Datavetenskap - Computer Science: Software Engineering

Applying Hierarchical Feature Modeling in Automotive IndustryOlesia Oliinyk
Integrated versioning and collaboration process management of automotive production lines based on an artifact-centric collaboration environmentOlena Kutsenko
Managing Data Location in Cloud Computing (Evaluating Data localization frameworks in Amazon Web Services)Vijay Kokkonda,
Krishna Sandeep Taduri
24-timmarsmyndighetens användbarhetMårten Ahlberg,
Peter Liedstrand
A Balance between Testing and Inspections - An Extended Experiment Replication on Code VerificationHanna E.T. Scott
A Comparative Study of Component Based Regression Testing Approaches without Source CodeNabin Raj Dulal,
Sabindra Maharjan
A comparison of lifecycles - Agile software processes vs. projects in non-Agile software companiesStefan Saarnak,
Björn Gustafsson
A Comparison of Three Computer System SimulatorsUlf Urdén
A comparison of UML and WAE-UML for the design of Web applicationsMikael Gustavsson,
Heinz Andersson
A Comprehensive Evaluation of Conversion Approaches for Different Function PointsJavad Mohammadian Amiri,
Venkata Vinod Kumar Padmanabhuni
A Controlled Experiment on Analytical Hierarchy Process and Cumulative Voting-Investigating Time, Scalability, Accuracy, Ease of Use and Ease of LearningDeepak Sahni
A Factorial Experiment on Scalability of Search-based Software TestingArash Mehrmand
A Framework for a More Structured, Integrated and Effective Software Measurement ProcessAftab Ahmad Mughal,
Muhammad Nadeem
A Framework for an Intelligent and Adaptive Planning of Rehabilitation TherapiesVíctor Castaño
A Framework for Requirements Triage ProcessRamya Chowdary Veeramachaneni,
Niroopa Uppalapati
A Framework for Security Requirements - Security Requirements Categorization and Misuse CasesHelen Yeshiwas Bogale,
Zohaib Ahmed
A Framework for Security Requirements Elicitation Gibrail Islam,
Murtaza Ali Qureshi
A guideline for evaluating OODBMSsAnders Carlsson
A Hierarchical Approach to Software TestingAhmad Waqas Kamal
A machine learning approach in financial marketsChristian Ewö
A Mechanism for Representing N-Dimensional Software Process Models in One-Dimensional DocumentsMuhammad Saqib Saeed
A Method for Analyzing Security of SOA-basd SystemsQifei Lu,
Zhishun Wang
A Method for Assessing Requirements Engineering Process Maturity in Software ProjectsTony Gorschek,
Kaarina Tejle
A Method for Membership Card Generation Based on Clustering and Optimization Models in A HypermarketChen Xiaojun,
Premlal Bhattrai
A Mix Testing Process Integrating Two Manual Testing Approaches: Exploratory Testing and Test Case Based TestingSyed Muhammad Ali Shah,
Usman Sattar Alvi
A Model for Early Requirements Triage and Selection Utilizing Product StrategiesKhurum Aslam,
Mahvish Khurum
A Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal ManagementSyed Sikandar Bakht,
Qazi Sohail Ahmad
A Multi Agent Web Based Simulation Model for Evaluating Container Terminal ManagementSyed Sikandar Bakht,
Qazi Sohail Ahmad
A practical approach toward architectures for open computational systemsJimmy Carlsson
A Roadmap for Usability and User Experience Measurement during early phases of Web Applications Development Muhammad Arslan,
Muhammad Assad Riaz



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