Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Humaniora - The Humanities: English

A Corpus-based Study of Tok Pisin with particular reference to Word FormationSheila Feldmanis
A Wilde Society´s Female Oppression in Oscar Wilde's The Picture of Dorian GrayLisa Lindvetter
Alternative media: Empowerment in individuals in totalitarian societies.Ali Tehrani 
An Angel Passes By: Posthuman and Acousmatic Voices in Digitally Mediated Contemporary Live PoetryThom Kiraly
Autobiographical Existentialism in Norman Mailer's The Executioner's SongOla Jönsson
Berättarteknik i J.M. Coetzees DisgracePaula Agnevall
Collaborative Virtual Environments: Identity Construction in Online Environments with a Focus on FacebookFunke Jaiyeola nee Ogungbemi
Dancing for your Self Exploring the theories of Gender Trouble by Judith Butler through homemade dance videos on YouTubePetra Krigström
Different or Diversed Identities? A Question of Cultural Articulation in Guterson's "Snow Falling on Cedars"Anna-Lotta Lindström
From 2001 A Space Odyssey to Minority Report: Reflections of Imagining Future on Science Fiction Sarper Erel
From within the Abyss of the Mind: Psychological Horror in H. P. Lovecraft’s “The Call of Cthulhu”Bengtsson Joakim
How Meta-Films Can Serve CinemaAnas El Ghazouani
Identity construction of a CharacterShiram Kshettri
Identity Construction on Social Network Sites: FacebookEfeoghene Agadagba
Identity Formation: A Process Entwining GenerationsAzade Hatami
Identity, hyperreality and Science fiction: Matrix and NeuromancerImran Riaz Chohan
Machine integration into human life:Mankind and CyborgizationMuhammad Ali Khan
Manipulated Private and Public Spheres: The Use of Control Technologies by Totalitarian Regimes Alireza Mahzoon
Memory; The Past and the Present in Toni Morrison's BelovedAzade Hatami
Racial or Human Oppression? A Question of Emancipation in Maya Angelou's "I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings"Astrid Gustafsson
Sethe - A Gothic Heroine, Yet Different: A Character Study in Toni Morrison's BelovedAnna-Lotta Lindström
Silence in Adventure Games and SpaceRobin Jansson
Split personality and Victorian fears in R.L.Stevenson`s"The strange case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde"Irena Maracic
The Seven Deadly Sins in Oscar Wilde's Picture of Dorian GrayMalin Pettersson
The strong connection between anger and the concept of a torn identity in Jamaica Kincaid's "A Small Place".Therese Larsson
The Threat from the Outside: Crossing boundaries in Bram Stoker's DraculaUlrica Gewalli
The Threat from the Outside: Crossing boundaries in Bram Stoker's "Dracula"Ulrica Gewalli
What Distinguishes Humans from Artificial Beings in Science Fiction WorldDi Wu


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