Examensarbeten efter ämne/Theses by subject - Mathematics: General

An Instance based Approach to Find the Types of Correspondence between the Attributes of Heterogeneous DatasetsMuhammad Atif Riaz,
Sameer Munir 
Application of Dempster Shafer Theory to Assess the Status of Sealed Fire in a Cole MineMuhammad Hafeez
Application of Ibragimov's method and Noether's theorem for constructing conservation laws of the linear elasticity modelPouya Sinaian
Change point detection in an Ornstein-Uhlenbeck process (a reflection of trading in financial markets)Adetokunbo Ibukun FADAHUNSI
Choquet and Sugeno IntegralsMuhammad Ayub
Description and Application of Genetic AlgorithmMIN WANG
Detecting Abnormal Vibration in a Gearbox Using Time-Frequency DomainElisabeth Ibeh
Eigen Fuzzy Sets of Fuzzy Relation with ApplicationsSaleem Muhammad Naman
Equivalence Group of Lie's Second-Order Equation of Type IIIDai Jiayuan
Equivalence Transformations for a System of a Biological Reaction Diffusion ModelZifei Yan
Fuzzy Clustering AnalysisEhsanul Karim,
Sri Phani Venkata Siva Krishna Madani,
Feng Yun
Fuzzy Decision Making in Business IntelligenceAsif Ali & Muhammad Yousif Elfadul
Fuzzy decision making using max-min and MMR methodsMuhammad Siddique
Fuzzy linear programming problems solved with Fuzzy decisive set methodRashid Mehmood
Fuzzy Logic and Approximate ReasoningAbdul Khaliq,
Amais Ahmad
Fuzzy Relations Majid Hussain
Image-based Microscale Particle Velocimetry in Live Cell MicroscopyEdyta Tomalik
Implementing Cauchy Reed-Solomon Utilizing OpenCLTim Karlsson
Implementing Efficient iterative 3D Deconvolution for MicroscopyAhmed Shah Mehadi
Inexact ProgrammingMuhammad Yasir Mahmood
Investigation of the Equations Modelling Chemical Waves Using Lie Group AnalysisGeorge Nikolaishvili
Investigation of the Mathematical Model of Acoustic Waves in a Fluid with Bubbles Using Lie Group Analysis MethodErkan Karagözlü
Mathematical Analysis of Financial MarketsAldo Fabricio Gutierrez Gomez
Mathematicle Modelling and Applications of Particle Swarm OptimizationSatyobroto Talukder
Modeling and Simulation of Urea Dosing SystemZaki Ahmed
Monitoring the volatility in a process which reflects trading in the financial marketAlaba-Femi AWOMEWE
Numerical Aspects of Extended Curve of Growth Rehan Butt
Optimal Solutions Of Fuzzy Relation EquationsUzair Ahmed,
Muhammad Saqib
Optimal System of Subalgebras and Invariant Solutions for the Black-Scholes EquationZahid Hussain,
Muhammad Sulaiman,
Edward K. E. Sackey



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