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Välkommen till en Hållbar Utveckling på BTH!


Sustainable development - striving for human progress and well-being within ecological limits - is a global pursuit of the utmost importance. By necessity it is a transdisciplinary field that calls for input, interpretation and application from and within all disciplines.

At BTH, sustainable development is part of our profile Applied IT and Sustainable Development of Industry and Society. We are striving to integrate it seamlessly in everything we do. There are various specialized programmes where sustainability education and research are studied directly. Other programmes study the consequences of unsustainability and look for mitigation strategies and new and better ways of meeting society's needs. Many of our programmes also specialize on the enabling technologies that can be developed and harnessed in support of sustainable development objectives.

Looking for Clarity?

Is the onset of sustainability / sustainable development / CSR / environmental management creating confusion  or pressures for you in your work? For many it is! We are here to assist with both training (education) and research to help you find solutions.

On-campus Sustainability-Related Programmesstudents working on grass

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Sustainability Distance Learningman on sofa with laptop

Click here for more information on our various single-course offerings.

We currently offer 3 distinct 'stand-alone' distance courses in English:

  • Intro to Strategic Sustainable Development (Master's level)
  • Intro to Sustainable Engineering (Bachelor's level)
  • Intro to Sustainability with Social Science Applications (Bachelor's level)


'Blended' Learning and Professional Courses

Man in grey suit ICTWe offer a variety of customised courses to meet your needs. Here are some examples. Contact us to discuss what would work for you and your organisation - tamara.connell (at) bth.se

KeyNotes, Facilitated Workshops, Consultancy, Partnerships

signpostJust get in touch and we can see what we could co-create. We have an exemplary group of staff, alumni, partners, etc. who are happy to assist you in whatever ways would work best.


As sustainability itself becomes the focus of attention and of growing interest to our stakeholders, so too does the need to access and understand the way BTH works with sustainable development.


The purpose of this page is therefore to:

  • link you to various projects and activities at BTH that relate to sustainability
  • serve as a portal for understanding what BTH is doing on sustainability
  • connect interested people and organisations with our research and education programmes



Sustainability Education at BTH
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