Radio Communications Group

Radio communication systems provide powerful means of expanding the environment with which humans can interact. People demand access to their expanded environment without noticing limitations on the technology or restrictions on their mobility. This is accompanied by a shift from human-to-human communication (voice) to human-to-human interaction (multimedia) with the communication partners expecting always best quality of experience. As humans are the final judges of service quality, a key issue largely neglected in research becomes the creation of experiences that closely resemble human-to-human interaction. For this purpose, future radio communication systems will require significantly higher data rates, substantially reduced costs per transmitted bit and need to include service quality as perceived by the end-user into the radio system design.

In view of the above, the mission and anticipated direction in radio communications is to sustain a strong research and development base in the areas of advanced radio communication systems and networks. Regarding the education mission, the aim is to provide undergraduate, postgraduate and specialised training to industry in these areas. In this framework, topics of advanced radio communications for future generation wireless and radio systems are researched such as cooperative communications, radio resource management, cognitive radio, and cross-layer design for radio systems. An important emphasis in these works is given to mobile multimedia services along with the related quality of service and quality of experience assessment as perceived by the end-user.

Since the inauguration of the chair professor of radio communications, a radio communications group has been established, a radio communications research and education laboratory has been developed, and a Masters of Science in electrical engineering with emphasis in radio communications has commenced operation. The activities of the radio communications group are largely supported by external funding and industry.



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